My Silky Hair Straightening Brush Tips + Benefits on How to Use.

My Silky Hair Straightening Brush Tips + Benefits on How to Use.

Silky and shiny hair can make all the difference in your day. This here is the perfect read  to help your hair get there, from prepping your hair to finishing touches. We’ve put together a couple of tips and benefits that will help you use the My Silky Hair Straightening Brush like a pro. Finally, we all get to straighten without unnecessary damage.
My Silky Hair Straightening Brush Tips + Benefits on How to Use.
  •  Prep for your hair in the shower - No ordinary wash day will give you silky smooth hair, honest truth. Dried out and brittle hair is no companion to any straightener. Prep your hair by washing & conditioning in the shower, also make sure to use a paddle brush to brush out the hair (It’s perfect for detangling and smoothing hair out).


  • Make sure your hair is dry - We always recommend air drying your hair however if you don’t have the time the next best option would be to blow dry your hair. Blow drying does cause damage to hair, so if you need to blow dry your hair make sure you rough dry it (shake hair dryer back & forth on top of head). The nozzle of the dryer has to be faced down throughout the process and this is to avoid frizzing.


  • Be selective about the hair products you use on your hair - Use a thermal protectant on your hair to avoid your hair sizzling. Thermal sprays can be used on damp hair, can resist extremely high heat and most reduce frizz. A number of thermal protectants are light on the hair and don’t weigh it down, so it's a definite recommendation from us. If you have thick or coarse hair we recommend that you use a good quality Argan oil to help moisturise and add more shine to your hair. It Also works as a pretty great a thermal protectant.


  • Wait until your hair is dry - Always make sure that your hair is completely dry when you start straightening. If you’re straightening and see steam or hear a sizzle, stop & observe. If dry, then the steam may be caused by a build up of product.


  • Keep an eye on your temperature - The My Silky Hair Straightening Brush has 5 heat levels for all hair types, perfect ain't it? If you have fine hair (especially coloured or damaged) we recommend that you stay in the safe zone of 300-350 degrees. Course hair definitely needs higher heat levels so we recommend the higher heat levels for your styling. The My Silky Hair Straightening Brush has ceramic rings and it helps that it heats up evenly so that you spend less time in front of that mirror.


  • One Section at a time - Our straightener is a ring straightening brush however we don’t recommend that you grab fistfuls of hair when doing your hair. The iron will not work well and be able to get to pieces that are too thick, and we’re trying to avoid the unnecessary re-application of heat & possible damage. Split your hair into sections, this is one of the most key straightening tips and it will save you tons of time.


  • Always hold your hair firmly - During the straightening process its important to keep you hair section pulled firmly, this is to avoid having to pass through your sections multiple times with the straightener. Going over your hair more than once definitely wont kill your hair however the goal is to not and that will only happen if you’re pulling your hair and creating tension. Pulling is essential (Don’t hurt yourself please.) Firmly  hold your hair, and the pull the straightener down starting from the root. Curly hair styles will definitely have to pull, straighten and repeat a couple of times.


  • Use finishing products - If you have the type of hair that doesn’t hold a hairstyle for long, we highly recommend that you add finishing products to reduce frizz and add some shine to your hair. It’s always best to wait till your hair cools down before you start applying any products and a light hold hairspray is a great idea for fine hair & leave-in conditioner for coarse hair. Apply the product to your hair and then brush it for an even application. This is the best way to stay with healthy shiny hair.



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If you’re using a low quality hair straightener you could follow all these tips we’ve put together for you all day long and still end up with ‘meh’ hair. We don’t want that and the proof is in the product, the My Silky Hair Straightening Brush. 
We’ve compiled a few good benefits of our brush and why you should buy the My Silky Hair Straightening Brush:
  • Suitable for all hair types & lengths
  • An Anti-Burning Shell, Protecting The Scalp From Burn
  • Safe to Use
  • 5 Temperature Levels For Different Hair Types
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We understand how important it is to invest in a good quality hair straightener. A hair straightener that will leave your hair straight for hours, zero frizz and long lasting results. Shop the My Silky Hair Straightening Brush now and be on your way to the best hair you’ve ever had.